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2017-2018 Rules & General Info
B & C Divisions


Games consist of 3 periods. We have an hour and a half on the ice. Please be on time so that we don’t lose any game time. This is especially critical for goalies. Here’s how the periods and breaks will be done.
Opening warm-up: 10 minutes (blow the buzzer at 7 or 8 minutes)
1st period: 20 minutes (run time)
Break: 5 minutes (blow the buzzer at 3 or 4 minutes)
2nd period: 20 minutes (run time)
Break: 5 minutes (blow the buzzer at 3 or 4 mintues)
3rd period: 20 minutes (run time, last 5 minutes of period will be stop-time if the goal differential is 3 or less. (If the goal differential is greater than 3 goals, the last five minutes will be run-time. )


Each team will have a team manager. Their job is to communicate important information to their team, arrange subs for players who can’t make it to a game and see to it that their team’s clock-keeping responsibilities are covered. (See below for more details.) YOU MUST ALWAYS LET YOUR TEAM COORDINATOR KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT TO A GAME!


We have 2 refs for each game. Like last year, we’ll have a group of refs who will be paid $40 per game. Nate McKenzie will be our ref coordinator this year. He will handle scheduling and paying the refs. His e-mail address is hoofen_it@yahoo.com. His phone number is 202-8085.

It is critical that we have two refs covering each game. The following will be our procedure for dealing with any refs who don’t show up to work games they are scheduled for:
*If refs are schedule to cover a game and something comes up, they are responsible for finding their own replacement.
*If a scheduled ref doesn't show up and has not arranged a sub (meaning the game was one ref short), the ref will be put on probation. If it happens a second time, they will be permanently removed from the reffing list.

Each team should have one ref jersey in their sub jersey bag, so there will be two ref jerseys at each game in case a ref needs one.   Refs should bring their own whistle.


Each game will be assigned to a particular team whose job it will be to provide a clock-keeper. Team managers are responsible for making sure their team has a clock-keeper at the game when it’s their team’s turn. If a team fails to provide a clock/score-keeper on any given night, they will be penalized in their next game with a penalty shot awarded to the opposing team at the beginning of the game. Clock-keeper duties shall include running the clock, noting goals and assists on a score sheet, keeping track of goalie saves and running the scoreboard.


Each team roster has only 10 skaters and a goalie, so subs for missing players are allowed. However, only team managers are allowed to arrange for subs.  They will have a list of all the eligible players in our league that they can choose from. These lists are divided into different ability pools. Team coordinators are allowed to arrange for subs who are at the same ability level or below that of the person who will be absent.  If a team subs illegally... for example brings someone on the ice who is not on the list, or is of a higher ability level than the missing player... the game will automatically be a forfeit. The only exceptions are that E2 skaters are permissible to sub for any F skater, and any F1 skater is permissible to sub for any F2 skater.
Goalie Sub Rule
In regard to subbing goalies, all goalies will be grouped into three groups. Group 1 is all A and B goalies. Group 2 is all C and D goalies. Group 3 is any goalie ranked below a D. If a team subs a goalie from a higher group than their regular goalie, the opposing team will be awarded 1 goal and 2 penalty shots for each group level a goalie is upgraded. All penalty shots will be taken before the game begins, and cannot be taken by the same player. Any goals scored on these penalty shots does not count towards a player's 3 goal limit.

Penalties for failing to sub skaters
In order to keep the teams balanced, team managers are required to find subs for absent players rated at skill level “D” and below. If a team does not have a sub for a “D” level skater, the opposing team will be awarded a penalty shot to be taken at the beginning of the 2nd period. (That will give the team the entire 1st period to get a player to the game.) If a team does not have a sub for an E or F skater by the beginning of the 2nd period, 1 goal will be awarded to the opposing team.


General rules for the team league are listed below:
The MRAHL will generally follow the USA Ice Hockey rules which can be found here.  Some exceptions are the rules previously mentioned on times, subbing, penalty shots for subbing, etc.  We will not strickly follow all the rules such as equipment measurements, etc. However if the ref feels any equipment is dangerous, the player may be asked to replaced it with something more suitable. 

All calls made by the referee are final and NOT to be argued.

1. Players will sit in the penalty box for the duration of their penalty (THREE MINUTES), with their team playing short-handed. If the other team scores before the 3 minutes are up, the penalty is ended.  The exception is during the last five minutes of the game during stop time. The player committing a foul will only be subject to a 2-minute penalty if the penalty occurs within the last 5 minutes. If a player’s penalty should over lap with both run time and stop time, the players penalty will consist of 2 minutes plus any time remaining not to exceed 3 minutes total.

2. Players are limited to three goals per game. This is to encourage us all to become team players and pass the puck.

3. YOU MUST LET YOUR TEAM MANAGER KNOW IF YOU ARE GOING TO MISS A GAME. You will know your schedule in advance, so be fair to your team by letting them know when you will be away.
4. DO NOT ARRANGE A SUB FOR YOURSELF! This will ONLY be done by the team manager. A person showing up expecting to play in your place who hasn’t been cleared by the manager will NOT be allowed on the ice.


In the case of a major incident on the ice, the following procedure will be followed: The game referees or a team manager will report the incident to the MRAHL “C” league steering committee (by contacting Peder Stenslie or Jeff Brown). This committee (which will consist of all the team managers) will meet and hear from the two team managers and refs regarding the incident and make a decision. The decision could range from “no action taken” to “one game suspension” to “player removed from the league.”


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